QuestionFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Does VPM keep track of pending tasks?

A. Yes it does. Tasks are assigned a time and priority. If a task is not completed within a certain time frame then VPM notifies all managers via e-mail and through the VPM Inbox feature.

Q. How long does it take to get started with VPM?

A. In most cases we can have you using VPM for your projects in a matter of minutes.

Q. My project managers don't have laptops. How can we use VPM?

A. VPM can be used from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Your project managers can fill in the day's activities from home or from the office.

Q. What about security? I don't want everyone to have access to everything, but I do need to keep people associated with the project informed, such as the architect or an inspector.

A. Everyone who uses VPM has a login and password, along with assignable system rights. So for example, the architect could view RFI's and change orders but would not have access to the daily logs. You can even have observers who could view change orders but could not create one.

Q. What happens if there is critical information for a VPM user and they do not log into the system?

A. VPM tracks all logins and if a user does not log in while they have time-critical information pending, the system will inform the project manager via e-mail and pager.