What is Virtual Project Manager?

Our philosophy here at Virtual Project Manager is to create a system that anyone can use to manage their Capital Improvement Projects in ten minutes a day or less. The economy has been down, budgets are tight, and municipalities need to save as much money as possible to devote time and resources to maintaining and developing their communities.

VPM benefits taxpayers and cities/counties. We have helped save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by streamlining many of the tasks and procedures that can be so costly. We offer tools built specifically for cities (and in many cases developed by our clients in our user group meetings) and American made technology on our web-based system. VPM is also easy to use, with virtually no training required to implement the system.

We offer all the tools and benefits of Virtual Project Manager at a fixed rate of $500/month. VPM is month-to-month: no contracts, no upsells, and no hidden fees. Virtual Project Manager can help make your city/county more efficient and more effective, so bring your city into the 21st century with VPM.